Ring - Lapis Lazuli + Sterling Silver.

I was thinking about how much I like these Raw Earth rings the other day, and then I realised that I didn’t have them available in the shop. Why?

Originally I made them as OOAK, because they are a bit tricky to make a particular size. However, my ring-making skills have come a long way since then… so I decided to make them available in custom sizes!

I only have limited stock of each particular stone, but I’ll keep them available until my stock runs out. I ADORE these types of stones… in fact, if these rings prove popular I might expand the range with new gems…

I personally own and wear a lapiz lazuli one, and I almost always get a compliment on it when I wear it – it’s pretty eye-catching!

To find out more about each ring, just click on the images below.

Chrysocolla Ring + Sterling Silver Kunzite Ring 1 + sterling silver Labradorite Ring + sterling silver Pyrite Ring + sterling silver