Unique Bridesmaids Jewellery by Epheriell (1)

I love making jewellery for weddings. These days, it’s mostly the wedding rings for the bride and groom, but I also sometimes get the chance to make unique bridesmaids jewellery, too – just like I did for Tash’s recent wedding.

Tash got in touch with me a while ago and ordered three matching pairs of Peachy Keen Earrings in the Elegance design. As you can see in the photo above, they went beautifully with her bridesmaids’ lovely peachy pink dresses!

However, she also decided to buy something unique and special for each of her three bridesmaids – so she chose three different necklaces – the Love Necklace, the Infinity Necklace, and the Heart Necklace.

I was so excited yesterday when she sent me these photos from her wedding day! I absolutely ADORE getting photos from my customers – it makes my day, truly.

I asked her if I could share them with you, and Tash, happily, said yes. So, here are her three bridesmaids (obviously at various times during the wedding day!) wearing their respective pieces of Epheriell jewellery.

Unique Bridesmaids Jewellery by Epheriell (4)

Unique Bridesmaids Jewellery by Epheriell (2)

Unique Bridesmaids Jewellery by Epheriell (3)

Huge thank you to Tash and her lovely bridesmaids for letting me share these photos!

I really like how Tash decided to get something unique for each of her bridesmaids – I think that’s a lovely touch, don’t you?