Infinity Ring Wedding Set B&W Infinity Ring Wedding Set
I’ve had a few people order these Men’s and Women’s Infinity Rings as wedding bands in the last few months, so I thought it was time to put them together into a wedding band set.

They are handmade from recycled sterling silver round wire, and both rings have a lovely satin matte finish (though I can make them with a high-shine finish, too!).

Each band has no beginning and no end – but cross over in the the eternal symbol of love forever entwined.

The men’s ring is pretty chunky – 6mm wide and 6mm high at the highest point. The women’s ring is much more delicate – just 3mm wide and 3mm at the highest point – the rest of the ring is just 1.5mm high.

You can see the set in the shop here.

The two infinity rings are, of course, also still available separately.

Men’s Infinity Ring | Women’s Infinity Ring