3.7mm wide oxidised flat ring (1)-002

I’m excited to announce that I’ve released an extended collection of oxidised rings!

This ring has been insanely popular since I released it a few months back – I cannot tell you how many of them I have made.

These would all make gorgeous unique wedding bands – or just beautiful rings for every day wear (I pretty much ALWAYS have one or more of these rings on).

Just click on the picture to go check out more details on the rings you like.

Delicate Wedding Band. 2mm Wide. Oxidised Sterling Silver. Handmade By Epheriell

Oxidised Sterling Silver Women's Wedding Band. 3mm wide. Handmade by EpheriellWomen's Flat Oxidized Sterling Silver Wedding Ring. 3.7mm wide. Handmade by Epheriell Men's 4mm Wide Sterling Silver Wedding Band. Handmade by Epheriell Oxidised Infinity Ring Handmade by Epheriell Women's Oxidised 2mm Round Sterling Silver Wedding Band. Handmade in Australia by Epheriell Men's Oxidized Sterling Silver Flat Wide Ring. Handmade in Australia by Epheriell

I’ve also been meaning to show the process of weathering that these oxidised rings go through for a long time now. So, when I finished the prototype rings above, I started wearing the 3mm ring.

I’ve taken the first set of weathering photos, which you can see below. I’ve been wearing this ring for around a week and a half, non-stop.

Partially worn oxidised ring (1)Partially worn oxidised ring (4)Partially worn oxidised ring (5)

You can see how everyday wear starts to buff off the oxidised finish in a unique pattern. Every oxidised ring starts off with a matte finish, before we put it through the oxidising process.

As you can see, the inside of the ring pretty much stays a solid black, but the normal bumping/banging/rubbing that the outside of the ring gets through wear causes the weathering you can see here.

I’ll take another set of photos in a few weeks so you’ll be able to see how it looks after even longer.

This weathering process will be unique to each ring – I have a manual job (work with tools and my hands every day) – and I swim (chlorine affects the finish) and cycle (holding the bike handles for long periods). Depending on what you do, your ring will weather faster or slower than mine.

Most other oxidised jewellery (earrings and necklaces) pretty much maintain the original finish, because they don’t get the rubbing/contact that rings get during wear.

I absolutely love creating oxidised pieces – I think it adds a huge new dimension to the work I can do. There will definitely be more in future…