Gemdrops Earrings - Collectable, Colourful. Handmade by Epheriell

Say hello to the newest addition to the Epheriell line – the Gemdrops Earrings!

I was playing in my studio after getting home from our epic trip, and realised how many pretty faceted beads I had that I hadn’t used yet.

All of a sudden, the idea for the Gemdrops came to me, and I got busy – whipping up a number of different pairs on one sitting.

I thought it was about time I made a range of petite, minimalist earrings for those of you who love colour, but who maybe find the Urban Candy range of earrings a bit too big for everyday wear.

The Gemdrops are for you!

I’ve released a number of designs to start with, but I’ll be adding many more colours into the future. If you have a colour request, please let me know! You’ll be able to collect your favourite colours, and always have a pair of earrings to go with your key wardrobe colours.

The core range all feature 2 faceted beads on each earring. I’ll also be adding a few different designs – all on the same style of earwire – including a range featuring tiny flower beads.

I have to say a big thank-you to everyone who suggested a name for these – I asked across social media, and Gemdrops was the winner – a number of people suggested it, and I thought it was lovely!

Dark Blue Purple Gemdrops Earrings - sterling silver. Handmade by Epheriell. Gemdrops Earrings. Honey Yellow Faceted Beads. Handmade by Epheriell Gemdrops Earrings. Smoky Blue + Brown. Sterling Silver. Gemdrop Earrings. Tan + Brown + Blue Faceted Beads. Gemdrop Earrings. Pale Yellow + Green Faceted Beads. Sterling Silver.

Dark Aqua Gemdrops Earrings - Sterling Silver Handmade in Australia by Epheriell

Gemdrop Earrings. Transparent Orange Faceted Beads.

Gemdrop Earrings. Pale Ice Blue Faceted Beads. Gemdrops (22)Gemdrops (27)

The Gemdrops are a delicate 3cm in total length, and are all handmade by me from recycled sterling silver wire.

They are currently available in the Epheriell shop (and also on Etsy).

If you’re a Silver Service Subscriber, make sure to check your email for an exclusive launch discount! And if you’re not a subscriber… you can join here I’ll be sending out a reminder email later this week.

I hope you love these – I’d love to hear what you think of them!