So you want a silver-look band, but you’re not sure whether to go for white gold or Sterling silver?

Which is the better choice for you?

Well, as makers of Sterling silver wedding bands, we’re obviously biased, and think a silver ring is a wonderful choice, but we know they’re not for everyone.

Let’s look at some pros of Sterling silver vs. white gold…


1. Cost

The most obvious benefit of silver over gold is the cost.

They are both precious metals, but silver is substantially more affordable than gold.

You can get a beautiful silver band for a fraction of the price of a comparible white gold band.


2. Lightweight

Silver is a much more lightweight metal than gold!

This means that it is more comfortable, and less noticeable to wear.

This is especially helpful if you aren’t used to wearing a ring, and it will be easier to get used to.


3. True-to-Colour

Did you know that white gold is usually plated with rhodium to give it that proper white glow?

This plating looks great at first, but over time, it wears off, and the true golden hue of the gold starts to show through, dulling the colour of the ring.

Sterling silver is true-to-colour.

The colour you get when your matte or high-shine ring arrives is the colour it will always be. You don’t have to spend time and money regularly re-doing the rhodium plating to keep it looking its best.


4. Easy to clean

Most Sterling silver wedding rings won’t need any special cleaning. If you’re wearing them all the time, they’ll be kept clean via your regular showers and hand-washing.

That said, if they do need a proper clean for whatever reason, it’s simple to do.

You can just use a cleaning cloth (we send you one with every order!) to remove any tarnish.

If it needs a deeper clean, you can use some white toothpaste, or some Silvo, if necessary.


5. Sensitive to Nickel?

If you’re sensitive to nickel, white gold in the USA can contain it!

This does vary by country, so make sure to ask your jeweller what is in the gold and rhodium plating if you are choosing white gold.

Remember – even if the rhodium plating is safe for your skin, it will wear off, and the gold will come through. If it has nickel, and you’re sensitive to it, this will cause problems down the line.

True Sterling silver (such as we use) is an alloy of just silver and copper – no nickel at all.

In fact, the designation of Sterling silver (925) refers to the fact that true Sterling contains 92.5% silver, with the remainder of the alloy coming from copper.

Pure silver is too soft to make jewellery out of, which is why this alloy is used.

So, unless you’re sensitive to true silver or copper, you will have no issues wearing our Sterling silver rings.


I hope this helped you gain some clarity on whether Sterling silver or white gold is the choice for you!