I always have issues picking a calendar.

Of course, last year I made one, so that wasn’t such a problem. But every other year, I trawl the interwebs looking for the perfect one… and then get trapped in a cycle of choice paralysis.

Yes, there are just too many cute and awesome options, don’t you think?

I try to somewhat assuage this angst by doing a yearly round-up of my faves, so I can at least give them all some internet props.

Without further ado, this year’s fave 2014 calendar options (in no particular order) are:

vintage bike calendar 2014

{Caroline Mint}

2014 calendar tea towel

{Yes Sweetheart}

shapes 2014 wall calendar geometric


clouds sky and sea 2014 calendar


geometric animals 2014 calendar

{Tiny Kiwi Creations}

square pattern 2014 calendar

{Print Smitten}

vintage style farmhand co 2014 calendar

{Farmhand Co}

block colour landscape 2014 calendar

{Eve Sand}

2014 calendar every day is special


happy fox 2014 printable calendar

{Happy Cat Printables}

have one helvetica of a 2014 calendar{Yumalum}

I am currently leaning towards buying the geometric animal one by Tiny Kiwi Creations. Because it’s animals. And bright colours. And did I mention, geometric? All the win.

But they are all awesome, and maybe you found your new fave 2014 calendar.

P.S. Feel free to share your own faves in the comments!