We're Going on Sabbatical!Nick and I have developed a habit of taking at least one full month off from Epheriell each year.

It’s a chance to rest, travel, and allow space and time for new ideas and inspiration. Travel and freedom are super-important to us, and we’re so blessed to have built up a business that allows us to take this time together.

This year, it’s time for a longer break – we’re taking a 3-month sabbatical while we head over to the UK and Europe to visit family and friends.

The online shop will be closed from June 5 – September 12, 2015.

What does this mean for you, lovely customer?

1. If you have a wedding in or before October, 2015, and you want to order Epheriell wedding rings, please make sure you do so on or before June 4. As we’re going to be overseas without our studio/tools/materials for the vast portion of this sabbatical, there is literally no way we can take orders once we shut our doors.
2. If you have any sort of issue or concern with your jewellery while we are shut, please don’t hesitate to email me straight away! I might not be in the studio, but I’ll still be checking and answering email regularly.
3. If you place an order before we close for the sabbatical, your jewellery will be made and shipped before we leave.

I’ll be sharing our journey over on the Epheriell instagram, so I hope you’ll stay in touch with us over there!

We tend to be pretty spontaneous travellers, so we haven’t got a lot locked in yet, but our travels will definitely include:

  • A visit to the Netherlands – and possibly France, too.
  • A lot of travel around the UK, including Wales, the Lake District, Brighton, Oxford and much more.
  • A trip to Edinburgh!
  • And, (while not something I’m going to be instagramming), I’ll be doing a 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat, which I’ve not done before and am very much looking forward to.

Adventure awaits! – we’ll see you again when we return!