So – I’m back after my whirlwind trip to New Zealand – and well into making all the orders you lovely folks made while I was away.

I thought I’d pop in and tell/show you a bit of my trip today – it was amazing, exhausting, and I learnt a lot about myself and what I am capable of.

I was gone for 10 days – 2 of which were pretty much just travel, 7 of which were full of pretty full-on physical activity, and 1 of which was a bit of a cruisy day (and boy, did we need that!).


I don’t think I’ve ever been quite this sore before.

The trip started with 4 days of intense yoga – not to mention the dancing, swimming, and walking – which were pretty exhausting… but also exhilarating. This was the Wanderlust Yoga Festival in New Zealand – Lake Taupo.

1-20150129_134215 1-20150130_075800 1-20150131_152116

I fell a little bit in love with a few new yoga teachers (including Cameron Shayne of Budokon, Duncan Peak of Power Living, Nikki Ralston of the Ralston Method, and Tiffany Cruikshank of Yoga Medicine), learnt a lot of new asanas (including a few fancy-looking ones) and dived deeper into my yoga practice.

I learnt these two poses thanks to Tiffany Cruikshank – and I had never been anywhere NEAR side-crow pose before. It’s amazing what the right teaching can help you achieve.


Wanderlust Yoga (2)

I also loved hanging out with my BYF (Best Yoga Friend) Renee – a.k.a. inversions girl.


Lake Waikaremoana – more Wandering…

I haven’t done an overnight hike since… well… since I was a teenager. I’ve done a ton of day-hiking, but that is a different kettle of fish from carrying 3 days worth of food + all your other stuff on your back for 46km.

It was an amazing experience – with some very tough moments, and some amazing ones. It was the Lake Waikaremoana walk on the NZ North Island, which I did with Renee, and my new friend Euey (Renee’s BBF – Best Bushwalking Friend – yes, we like our acronyms.).

On the first day, we walked up and down a mountain, which was crowned by an amazing forest, like something out of Lord of the Rings (there’s a reason they shot those movies here).

The rest of the hike was around the lakeside, as well as up and down small hills between inlets.

1-Walking Around the Lake 1-The Magical Forest 1-The A Team

Of course, Renee and I couldn’t resist a little bit of yoga…

1-NZ2015 295

And I couldn’t resist hugging at least one amazing tree.1-NZ2015 220 1-NZ2015 205 1-NZ2015 074

1-Jess Looking over the Lake 10895403_1525823211013048_1969896896_n

Napier Etc.

After 4 days of yoga, and 3 days of hiking… I really just wanted to sit down for a little while 😀

Thankfully, we had made our way to Napier – on the East Coast – after we finished our hike, and woke up by the sea. I did get up and do a little yoga first thing to stretch out those sore muscles, but the rest of the day was eating, strolling and relaxing – and included a few hours in the car to get down to the West Coast near Wellington for our flight out the next day.

1-NZ2015 302

If you’re ever in Napier, you MUST go here for breakfast. Delish!

1-Cafe Ahuriri

When we got to the West Coast, we had the rare treat (as East Coast Aussies) of seeing the sun set over the ocean.

924031_338250976368518_2127651020_n 1-Holding the Sun Jess

It was a fabulous trip, and reminded me why I love yoga, walking… and New Zealand. I’ll be back over there in the not-too-distant future, methinks.

It was also a challenge – it helped me learn how far I can actually push myself physically, and that I’m capable of much more than I thought I was. That’s a pretty priceless realisation to have.

(The majority of these photos were taken by Renee H. – the rest were taken by me.)

P.S. Nick and I are working hard to get all of your orders made and shipped by the end of this week – THANK YOU to everyone who placed an order while I was gone 🙂