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It’s not often you see a brand-new business getting started on Etsy that already looks this awesome!

Square Fox Designs is the new venture of a lovely lady called Sarah. I met Sarah after she had come to a series of talks I did here in Brisbane. I noticed her in each audience – this was a lady who was paying attention!

We spoke after the last talk I gave, and she told me that she was super-close to having her shop ready to go, she just had to ‘push the button’. I told her to just DO it… and to send me a link when she did.

Well, she sent me the link earlier this week, and I was so impressed I knew straight away I wanted to share her work with you all!

It’s so very Queensland – tropical, bright, and fun – and definitely something unique! I can just picture those cushions strewn across a rattan settee on a big Queenslander verandah… can’t you?