vintage dress (1)

Over the last few years, I have amassed QUITE the vintage dress collection. I went through a serious collecting phase in 2011/2012, and honestly, there is just not enough room for all this lovely fabric-y goodness in our tiny home!

That – plus the fact that I’m a few sizes smaller than I was when I bought a lot of these dresses – and I decided that the time has come to attempt to part with some of them. Sob!

Sad for me… but happy news for you if you happen to be in Brisbane next weekend! I’m going to be selling around 30 vintage dresses – ranging from the 50s through to the very early 90s (those are actually my Mum’s dresses – there’s a really smashing Cue one in there, too).

These are just some of the dresses I’ll be willing to part with for the right price…

vintage dress (2) vintage dress (4) Vintette Vintage Dresses - Eco Market Button

I’m also going to have some jackets, a few tops and a skirt or two.

Also! If you’re NOT in Brissie, but you love the look of any of these dresses, shoot me an email (jessica AT and I’ll let you know what I’m selling it for!

They range in size from a 10 right up to around a 14/16. Most don’t have sizes, but I can take flat measurements for you if necessary.

It’s going to be an awesome market – we’re in the Whale Mall at the QLD Museum, and there will be a ton of lovely eco and vintage goodies.