mint blueberry lemonade

8 ways to pimp your lemonade

pink grapefruit lemonade

lavender lemonade

lavender and lemon lemonade

I’m loving tasty, fizzy, pretty, cocktail/mocktail drinks this week.

I think it’s because Spring is definitely here in SE Queensland, and it’s starting to heat up. I foresee breaking out the vodka & tonic of a weekend pretty regularly for the next 6 months!

It’d be fun to spice it up a little – alas, most of our citrus are finished, except for the lime, which I’ll definitely be taking advantage of. Our raspberries have finished fruiting, too, but the mulberry tree is currently bursting with fruit that’s about to turn finger-stainingly ripe!

Spring and Autumn are by far my favourite seasons – the days are warm but not hot, the nights are mild, and you can go out in the sun without squinting too hard. I’m going to be enjoying the perfect spring weather while it lasts… before the oven-baking summer sets in.

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