Phoebe Necklace Collage

Good morning (or evening… or midday…) lovely people! I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I’ve got a HUGE day planned with the launch of Create & Thrive today – so exciting to finally be getting it underway!

So, let’s jump into this week’s special.

The Phoebe Necklace features a stunning natural Afghani lapis lazuli nugget – true cobalt blue with flecks of pyrite – suspended on a sterling silver chain with a chevron accent.

You can choose either an 18-inch (standard) or 28 inch (long) length for your necklace.

This week only, the Phoebe Necklace is $15 off the regular price.

Pop on over to the shop to check it out. Now, I’m off to drink more coffee and write, make orders, write, tweet, make orders, pack… you get the idea ;)

Have a fabulous Monday!