Since it’s still winter here, I was inspired to put together this black & white, wintery set of designs.

Of course, where we live in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, there is not a spot of white (snow) in sight – everything here stays green and lush all year round!

But our visit to Canada this year in their wintertime definitely gave me the experience of winter wonderland and bare branches… short days and dark nights.

And so, the Full Moon collection is born.

First – the earrings.

I’ve created this set of fully oxidised minimalist sterling silver earrings, featuring three white, frosted glass beads, which form a beautiful contrast against the smoky grey of the oxidised sterling silver that makes up the rest of the piece.

A minimalist design that can be worn with any colours. Super-easy to throw on and wear anywhere!

Then, the necklace.

Long, simple, and easy to wear with any colours.

I really love these long, simple necklaces – my Silver Lining Necklace is one of my all-time personal faves to wear.


I’ll enjoy wearing these this winter – and probably into spring and beyond!


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