January 2014 Epheriell Jewellery Giveaway

I’m getting back to the jewellery bench today after a lovely few weeks off.

I’ve got a bit of a back-log of your orders to get through, but I should have them all in the post by next Tuesday at the latest.

We weren’t totally idle over the last few weeks – one of our projects was to re-organise the studio. I enlisted Nick’s woodworking skills to make me another set of cube shelves, and we bought some baskets and other organisers to make sure everything had a place… and this was the result!

Epheriell + Create & Thrive Studio December 2013 (1)

Everything is clean, organised, and within easy reach – it should make jewellery making a breeze in 2014… so long as I keep it tidy (not my strongest characteristic).

Of course, a new month means a new giveaway for our Silver Service subscribers – so this month, someone is going to end up with a sweet pair of Oxidised Little Square Hoops – the ultimate ‘leave in and forget’ Epheriell earring design.

If you’re already a Silver Service subscriber, just sit back and keep your fingers crossed! If you’re not yet subscribed, hop on over here to sign up (for free of course) to the club. You’ll get emails a few times a month letting you know about new Epheriell products, specials, what our cats have been up to (kidding) and you’ll also get 10% off our next order.

And with that, I say:

Happy New Year from Jess Van Den of Epheriell + Create & Thrive