A beach in Thailand… 2012

Exciting times!

My fave travel-gal Mish and I are off to Asia again in April (we did a trip around Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand 2 years ago in March) and this time, we’re spending two weeks exploring the fascinating Cambodia.

Since I can’t lug my jewellery bench along with me, that means that Epheriell will be closed while I’m away – as well as a few days beforehand so I can make sure I have time to catch up on all outstanding orders before I leave.

Basically – if you want anything Epheriell before the beginning of May, you need to order NOW!

All orders made before I close up my shops on the 4th will be finished and shipped before I go.

I will have very limited internet while I’m over there, so if an issue pops up while I’m away (for example, you receive your ring but realise you’ve ordered the wrong size), please just bear with me – send me a detailed email and I’ll get back to you and we’ll sort it out when I return, on April 25th.

I’m vaccinated to the gills, and really looking forward to exploring a brand-new-to-me country and culture.

Have you been to Cambodia? I’d love to hear your top recommendations! We’ll be visiting Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, and one of the islands off the coast, too.