If you aren’t in Australia, you may not know that our government still does not allow Same Sex Marriage in our country.

They have consistently refused to vote on this in parliament, and have instead ended up holding a non-binding, voluntary postal ‘vote’ (actually, a survey), which will ask every enrolled Australian the question ‘should the law be changed to allow same sex couples to marry?’

This occured because they – twice – had a bill for a binding plebecite struck down in the Senate, because we shouldn’t have to ‘vote’ on this issue. Because we were afraid that this process would harm LGBTQI+ Australians who would be exposed to a torrent of hatred.

And, sadly, that is exactly what is happening.


I don’t think it will come as any surprise to those who know us that Nick and I are 100% in favour of Marriage Equality in our country – and, hopefully, one day, all over the world.

We have been honoured to craft many hundreds of wedding and commitment rings for LGBTQI+ couples all over the world in the years past. The photos on this page illustrate a few of the lovely couples we have been proud to work with.

We firmly believe that it will happen in our country. Whether it is now, or later – it will happen.

I will be voting yes. Nick isn’t allowed to vote, as he is not yet a citizen, but if he could, he would be voting yes, too.

At the marriage equality rally in Brisbane last weekend, I was filled with joy and hope to see so many people join together in support of changing this unjust law.

I feel very strongly about this topic – about the right of every adult to marry the person they love.

Not because I’m in the wedding industry (as some cynics may say).

Not even because I know a number of LGBTQI+ people who have suffered because they have been persecuted, hidden their orientation from their families, or been coerced into conversion therapy right here in Australia. And I do.

It’s simply because it is the right thing. The just thing.

Family is what you make it. And every LGBTQI+ family in Australia deserves the right to have their family recognised in law.