Handmade Sterling Silver Exclamation Mark Earrings


Handmade, sterling silver Exclamation Earrings – perfect for wordsmiths and typography buffs.

Super-light and comfortable, the Exclamation Earrings are made from 18 gauge/1 mm wide sterling silver wire – perfect for those who wear earrings regularly. They measure approximately 2 inches long.

You wear these by gently pulling the long stem apart, and slipping them into your ears.

Part of ‘The Punctuation Collection’ – which also includes @ (at) symbols, question marks, commas and an ampersand.

These earrings are made in our solar-powered home studio in Australia from ethically manufactured Sterling silver, (which includes a combination of Australian-mined & recycled silver in the manufacturing process). More information about the eco-friendly elements of our process are available here – https://epheriell.com/about/where-does-the-recycled-silver-come-from


You are getting a new pair – not the exact pair being modelled. Your pair will look almost identical, but there may be very slight variations due to the nature of handmade.

Please allow 1-2 weeks production time from order to shipping.

All purchases from Epheriell are lovingly gift-wrapped.



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