Eco-friendly Design

I strive to use recycled sterling silver whenever I can in my designs. All of the sterling wire I used is 100% recycled.

I purchase most of my sterling silver from A & E Metal Merchants here in Australia – all silver refined by them is 100% reclaimed/recycled.

Here’s how it works – from the A & E Metal Merchants’ Website:

“We buy scrap metals from jewellers and hobbyists or from various industrial users of precious metals. This we have refined back to pure metals by refiners that do not refine mined products so that we can say with confidence that the metals we have refined ourselves are 100% recycled.

Also we buy additional Fine Silver from Australian Bullion Company who able to assist us in achieving our goal of 100% recycled because they too buy back significant amounts of scrap silver. ABC have it refined in large enough lots to be able to make the refiners they use refine it in batches that contain only scrap material. We obtain a certificate with every batch confirming its authenticity as 100% recycled. The silver is of the highest purity possible and is at least 99.99% pure.

All the copper we use for alloying is recycled and is the highest grade available, it comes from recycled copper wire, mainly electrical cabling that would otherwise go into landfill.”